2.Panzerdivision unit markings

Throughout the war the 2.Pz.Div. used a wide variety of vehicle markings expecially on tanks.

At the beginning of the war the division used two dots or circles as divisional emblem

Pz.III and Pz.IV of the 1.Kompanie in Poland, France and Greece show additional playing card symbols on the turret side or rear. Here a table of symbols which have been seen on photos.

Detail of a destroyed tank in France 1940 with the divisional emblem and another version of a platoon insigina.


Another unknown emblem on a tank in a column of tanks in France with other with the known playing card emblems shown above. The symbol seems to be a fish.


A eagle with a umbrella and a hat (a reference to then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain) seen on a Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.C (R02) of the regimental staff.


Additionally tanks and other vehicles used the tactical symbol of a tank-company with the various company numbers. These tactical symbols seem to have different colours for the various platoons.

The rhomboid with the two dots and the number 5. The color of the rhomboid looks darker than the yellow of the divisional insignia. France 1940.
The later divisional insignia with the rhomboid appearently in the same colour.
The tactical symbol appearently in white on a Pz.I of 1./Pz.Rgt.3 shortly before the campaign in France

Obviously after the campaign in greece 1941 the divisional emblem changed to

4.Kompanie probably used geometrical symbols

This symbol is seen on a tank with #432 Another symbol on a tank of 2.Pz.Div. probably one of 4.Kompanie

The 6.Kompanie used a symbolized dragon in different colours and in different geometrical shapes for the various platoons. From photos and educated guesses the system could be green for Stab, white 1.Zug, red 2.Zug, yellow 3.Zug. The geometical shapes show the number of the vehicle. Confirmed by photos are: #2 shield; #4 trapezoid; #1 triangle

The combination of dragons and rhomboid insignias according to existing photos could have looked like this:

Tank number 2 of the Stab with green dragon in a shield and green tactical symbol

Tank number 4 of the 2.Zug with a red dragon in a trapezoid and red tactical symbol

Tank number 1 of 3.Zug with a yellow dragon in a triangle with a yellow tactical symbol.

The 7.Kompanie used the dragon symbol in filled geometrical shapes

This symbol seen on tank number 731

The dragon symbol in a white circle on a tank with the number 8.


Note: The above article is mostly based on educated guesses and observation of period photos! All informations, corrections, additions about this topic is welcomed and needed.

Thanks to Richard Woods for the excellent illustrations and the detective work!

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